Titus Andronicus: Historical Context

As part of our exploration of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus the class is engaging in some research about the Elizabethan times and the context from which the play arose. Included here is a short video where I try to give the students some cues to the lines of inquiry they might wish to pursue and also, attached below, is the research questions with the students committing to following these attached.

Ultimately the outcomes of this research will lead to a resource book that everyone who makes a contribution will have access to.

Titus Andronicus

RESEARCH: Historical Context

DUE: Tuesday 1 October

This week’s task and homework is to develop a research essay that disusses your chosen research question. You must follow these guidelines:

  • Each fact or quotation must be properly referenced
  • Your essay should be written in paragraph form, where each paragraph covers a separate set of facts
  • You should develop a conclusion that includes your own point of view on the research findings
  • You must use at least three distinct sources for information – one of which cannot be a website.



Titus Andronicus Research_1

Author: Christopher Waugh

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