Welcome to the GCSE

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you all – students, parents and interested parties – back to English at the London Nautical School.

We sincerely hope you’ve had a brilliant Summer break and that you’re returning to school with vigour and enthusiasm for the year ahead. We will unquestionably be hitting the ground running with a study into the unique features of spoken language and how it affects the way we communicate with each other every day..

You will also be embarking on your reading Theme Studies. This is longitudinal project of reading and viewing a range of texts that are linked by a unifying theme. More on that to come…

In other news:

  • Edutronic has grown: If you’re reading this, then you’ve made it to the new class site, however this now fits into a much larger domain with sites for other classes and an increasingly sophisticated set of resources and materials. Via Edutronic you can also access the English Department site where you can accesss moderated exemplars of student work, year plans, policies and information about the research and new learning initiatives the London Nautical School Department of English are engaged in.
  • Your personal journal 2.0 – it has gone public: This year, your online journal has been developed and now you have the facility to publish, on your own page with its own address, any work you’d like to make available to the wider world. The control is now yours, and the publish/private choice is entirely yours too. We’re in the frontline of education with this initiative and I’m sure it will be of real interest to many people as it gets going
  • iPads: have been purchased and we will finally have state-of-the art digital tools to use in the classroom to transform our everyday work. We worked hard for this, and I’m very proud of the result.
  • GCSE Results for last year’s Year 11 cohort exceeded our expectations and in the English Language paper, our over-all result for students who gained at least a C grade, shot up by 14% to 73% over-all. We’ve got our work cut out for us to embed and improve on that this year, but I couldn’t be more optimistic that we’ve got what it takes to maintain this meteoric improvement.

So, get those shirts ironed and shoes shined as this is going to be a stunning year for English at the London Nautical School.

Author: Christopher Waugh

“Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.” (Katherine Mansfield)

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