Of Mice and Men Re-sit Package

This page contains all the essential and useful information you may need to be fully prepared for Saturday’s assessment.

Your best preparation is to take the following action:

  1. Read your previous assessment thoroughly and evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses (Use the grade descriptors on this page to assist you)
  2. Read the new question (embedded in this post) and write your own one-sentence answer
  3. Read other students’ answers and discuss their point of view with them
  4. Read the Of Mice and Men section of this class resource site.
  5. Go back to the original text (copies are available from me), re-read key sections and identify quotations
  6. Watch the Film of the novel
  7. Draft a practice answer on your blog
  8. Develop your own plan to answer the new question
  9. Attend the Friday Tutorial (4:30 to 6pm) to get direct input and advice on your prep work

Official Re-sit question:

Grade Descriptors:

Read and understand texts, selecting material appropriate to purpose.

Develop and sustain interpretations of writers’ ideas and perspectives.

Explain and evaluate how writers use linguistic, grammatical, structural and presentational features to achieve effects and engage and influence the reader.

BAND 5: sophisticated interpretation of texts BAND 5: sophisticated engagement with writers’ ideas and attitudes; sophisticated interpretations using imaginatively selected supporting textual detail BAND 5: sophisticated analysis of aspects of language and structure.
BAND 4: confident and developed interpretations of texts BAND 4: engagement with writers’ ideas and attitudes and provide perceptive interpretations using precisely selected supporting textual detail BAND 4: analysis of aspects of language and structure in convincing detail.
BAND 3: clear evidence of understanding significant meanings of the text BAND 3: ability to explain writers’ ideas clearly offering relevant and appropriate supporting textual detail BAND 3: ability to display understanding of features of language and structure supported by relevant and appropriate quotation
BAND 2: some awareness of more obvious meanings in the text BAND 2: some awareness of writers’ ideas supported by relevant textual detail BAND 2: some awareness of obvious features of language and structure supported by some relevant textual detail
BAND 1: limited understanding of the texts BAND 1: limited engagement with the writers’ ideas BAND 1: reference to a limited range of textual detail.

Class Notes:

OMAM Re-Sit Notes OMAM Re-Sit_2

An example of strong writing on this novel from Ekim Gemici:

Author: Christopher Waugh

“Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.” (Katherine Mansfield)

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